Herb Gaidosch: Owner

Herb Gaidosch has accumulated 25 years of experience in the trucking industry working on both sides of the desk in dispatch, as a fleet manager, a  maintenance supervisor, a driver training, in human resources, as  a compliance manager, and as a transport driver starting his career at Arnold Brothers Transport.

  • He is fully familiar with NSC compliance routines and has passed both USA and Canadian NSC audits.
  • He is an Hours of Service instructor, has joint OHS Committee training, and has human resources training.
  • He has worked with electronic log systems and GPS tracking systems. He has installed and trained drivers to work with the Weigh to Go program in British Columbia and USA.

His knowledge of the industry, combined with the compassion necessary to understand the forces a driver is up against complying with all the rules and regulations, make him the person you can turn to for honest advice and workable solutions.

Call Herb today and start taking control.

Home: 604-852-6717

Cell: 604-613-6344

E Mail:   herb.pccconsulting@gmail.com