Audit Solutions Explained

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Audit Solutions

The best way to stay away from being audited is to maintain a strict set of guidelines starting with the driver and equipment.

Inevitably it is the driver that will cause a carrier to be in an audit situation.

If the driver is pushed by dispatch to complete his trip hurriedly or if the driver decides to get a few more miles in to get a bigger pay check before the end of the month, sooner or later, he will get caught by the weigh scale officer of highways enforcement.

The best way for a carrier to protect himself is to hire a reputable driver, but if the driver is not screened properly by the carrier, it may take a few weeks to find out that he has a problem.

The NSC offers a document called the Carrier Profile, which is a compilation of all traffic violations, weigh scale inspections and even Commercial Inspection failures, to tell a carrier what his company   safety rating is and what his drivers have done on the road.

The Carrier Profile is free and should be printed out every two weeks to see if any new infractions, accidents or inspections have been reported. A carrier failing to do this will have no idea in how close the company is to being audited.

I have known a company that employed a Compliance Officer who did not report the company’s status to the owner until they were required to submit for an audit.

The carrier should have an outside source to monitor all driver’s logs.

Logbook monitoring could save a lot of pain for a company, this program will show the carrier who is having problems and needs training or which one of his drivers show a total disregard for rules and regulations. Remember, one driver can cause an audit and one driver can cause the audit to fail.

So, here are the things that all carriers need.

  1. The Carrier Profile.
  2. Log Book Monitoring.
  3. Training for staff and drivers.
  4. A Safety Plan.
  5. A Maintenance Program for trucks and trailers.
  6. A Progressive Discipline Policy.

If you are a carrier and do not have these items in place, you need help. There are a few very good Compliance Consultants that can help, some specialize in a few of the steps listed above, some claim they can do it all.