Auditing Driver Logs Explained

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Auditing Driver Logs

Trucking companies can help ensure compliance with federal regulations by maintaining a record retention policy and conducting periodic audits of driver logs. Auditing driver logs can help ensure driver performance and serve as documented evidence of work done.

Driver Log Requirements

Federal and Provincial Motor Safety Administration requires the use, retention and correlating of the driver’s record-of-duty status in a driver’s log. Every driver must record on-duty  or off-duty status for each 24 hour period by manually recording duty status in duplicate on specified grid or by using an automatic on-board recording device.

Drivers must submit the original log to the carrier within a specified period of time. The carrier must obtain a signed log giving the total time on-duty during the preceding 14 days and the time at which the driver was last relieved of duty.

Record Retention

Employers are required to maintain driver logs and all supporting documents for a period of 6 months from the date of receipt.

Auditing Driver Logs

The carrier must verify that he has all driver’s logs and that none are missing.

The carrier must review the logs for legibility and that the log has been completed.

The carrier must check for pre-trip and post-trip inspections.

The carrier must check that all fuel stops are recorded.

The carrier must verify that all hours are totalled correctly.

Auditing Logs for Falsifications

The carrier must check scale tickets for date and time.

The carrier must check speeding tickets, roadside inspection reports and any other official report the driver has received.

The carrier must check mileage between stops as the driver log can show more kilometres references but never fewer.

Pacific Coast Compliance Consulting Driver Hours of Service Auditing

Send us your HOS logs and we will do the rest, or we will pick them up.

At the end of every month you will receive a complete summary of each driver’s HOS logs for the month including a list of his/her violations.


This driver violation report is mandatory in case of a DOT or NSC audit to show that the steps are being taken to eliminate violations.

The driver violation report will come with a driver and compliance officer signoff area and a place for the driver to comment.

All violations will be identified by the corresponding Motor Vehicle Act regulation.

All logs are manually viewed and checked against fuel purchases, inspections, additions, form and manner and whatever other documents can be supplied before they are entered into the computer.

For drivers that do not understand what some of the functions of the log page are, we offer training and support.